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When I think about the future for Hawaii, I think about how we can create a more affordable Hawaii. I believe that we need to address the root causes of why so many local families struggle: cost of living, housing that can be affordable for all, and public safety so that our ʻohana can thrive.

Together, we will create a more equal and resilient Hawaii.

As a state representative, I listen to my community first and make sure I address their needs.  My main priority is to ensure that your voice is heard and as a legislative leader, it is my duty to ensure that we do as much as possible while ensuring that we can continue to provide essential government services that many people depend upon now more than ever. 

In 2024, we have passed one of the most significant tax reform measures in our state's history. This reform will ensure that a family of four earning Hawaii’s median household income of $91,010 would see their income tax liability decrease by 69% by 2031, ensuring that all working families in my district and throughout the state can have more money in their pocket.

We have also approved over $1 billion for food, housing, mental health services, health care, infrastructure and recovery management. The goal of these appropriations are to address the real needs of our community.

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