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Income Tax Relief:

  • Approved the largest income tax cut in Hawaiʻi’s history.

  • Example: A family of four with a household income of $90,000 will save $20,000 in taxes over seven years.

GET Relief for Medical Professionals:

  • Exempted doctors and medical professionals treating Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare patients from the GET.

Road Safety Initiatives:

  • Implemented speed humps, raised crosswalks, and red-light cameras around McKinley High School.

  • Sponsored legislation creating a felony offense for repeat unlicensed drivers.

  • Ensured the transfer of ownership and maintenance responsibilities of roads in Kaka‘ako from private claims to public control.


  • Worked with local authorities to treat, divert, and house homeless individuals.

  • Opened a new triage center in Iwilei for mental health and medical treatment, funded by the state.

  • Increased funding for nonprofit organizations serving the homeless population.

Government Reforms:

  • Established an independent commission to improve ethics laws following corruption scandals.

  • Implemented 22 out of 31 recommendations from the Foley Commission to enhance ethics, campaign finance, and lobbying laws.

Transparency and Accountability:

  • Advocated for banning campaign contributions from lobbyists during legislative sessions.

  • Supports cultural considerations in the application of the Sunshine Law.

  • Promoted virtual public hearings and strengthened legislative procedures post-pandemic.

Economic Diversification:

  • Encourages improvements in tourism management and the state’s business environment.

  • Supports assessments of visitor impact and state efforts to attract stable business investments.

Support for Middle-Class and Working Families:

  • Focused on reducing cost of living through tax cuts and housing reforms.

  • Passed legislation to address zoning backlogs, enabling more residential development.

Legislative Priorities:

  • Ensuring continuous improvement in ethics and transparency within the government.

  • Providing significant tax relief and economic support to residents.

  • Addressing critical infrastructure and public safety needs.

  • Continuing efforts to diversify Hawaii’s economy and reduce dependency on tourism.

  • Supporting housing policies to alleviate the cost of living and prevent population decline.

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